A Broomstick for the Mother-in-Law

My mother-in-law is seventy in a few weeks and has been irritatingly unhelpful in giving us any ideas as to what she might like as a gift. It’s a family joke that she’s a bit of an old witch, so I thought I’d make her a witchy themed brooch for her new coat 🙂

I’ve been running a few ideas around my head, but none seemed right, wearable or within my capabilities. I made a ring using hammered 2mm silver wire yesterday, and thought it had great potential as a broomstick handle…

Rather than skinny bendable bristles, I thought a representation of them would work, so made these from the same wire, curled and hammered.

When I was happy with the shape, I sawed it in two and soldered the two pieces into shallow grooves filed into the broom handle. And that, dear reader, is as far as I have got! It’s bathing in the pickle while I have a nice cup of tea and a late lunch while reading the paper in the sunshine…

A bit more hammering to hide the joint…

And a handmade brooch fitting, a polish and we’re almost done. A little twist of silver wire to represent the twine tying it all together, and that’s job done 🙂


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