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The Claws are Out

In amongst all the post that awaited me when I got home from my mum’s was a book on stone setting I had completely forgotten I had ordered.

So I put on my “how hard can it be?” head, and as usual, realised that the answer is “very”… No change there then.

There was an 8mm labradorite cabochon knocking about, so I thought I’d have a go at a claw setting, as up until now I’ve just done rubover settings.  I didn’t want to risk wasting any silver, and copper goes nicely with labradorite, so I used that.  The results aren’t perfect, but for a first attempt at a totally new technique, I’m quite pleased!


Back to the Coal Face

I arrived home last night after a lovely few days with my mum to an impressive pile of boxes that had arrived while I was away…

Mostly from Vistaprint, I’ve been making the most of the free offers they keep sending me, and as a relatively new enterprise, we can certainly use some stationery!

I’ve been using the shed as a bit of a dumping ground over the last couple of weeks, so I had nowhere to create, sit down, or stand up, if I’m totally honest.  Add to that the three tons of banners, posters, cards, t shirts, magnets and other stuff, and SOMETHING HAD TO BE DONE.  So I did it.  Beardy will be expecting me to do the same thing in the house at this rate…

Ready to MAKE STUFF!

Horticultural Inspiration

Still oop north, had a lovely wander around Ness Gardens with my Auntie Suzanne and had a wonderful cream tea – the ginger scone with rhubarb and ginger jam was epic! Highly recommended 🙂

They had a fabulous array of plant life, I feel quite inspired by the shapes and textures…

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Well, that went surprisingly well!

Mum and me went for our pampering makeover today, with all the trepidation you get when going to the dentist… A couple of drinks and an inadvertently garlicky lunch later and we were much more chilled out at the prospect.  A hour or so being plastered in polyfilla and lipstick while wearing heated rollers, and it was time to get shot.  And….. it was huge fun!  So here we go…

Hoping for it NOT to be Grim Up North.

Well, I’m heading north for a few days to see my mum. One of the aunties very kindly gave us a voucher for a pampering, makeover and photoshoot day, so we’ve finally plucked up the courage to go.  It’s not that I’m scared of cameras, I just never know how to arrange my face! So I’ve chosen my five outfits (with the help of the very marvellous Liz), picked as many Spiny Sharkly Things to go with them as I can, and added a significant proportion of my shoe collection.  Watch this space!

The very marvellous Liz, taking a break from cackling.

Love is in the Air… Well, on the Wing!


There’s been a bit of waiting around for appointments this week, so rather than just stick my face in a trashy magazine, I’ve been busy making winged heart hairclips from leather.  It’s easy enough to bung the precut bits in my handbag, and I can just pick one up and get stitching when I have a few minutes to fill. They’re listed in the Etsy shop. I just need to make sure I cut plenty of bits to keep me going while I’m out and about!  And on that note, I’m off to cut some more…

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My lovely friend Liz has been having a bit of a clear out, and came across a couple of EPNS mustard spoons that were sadly lacking their handles 😦  I had been on a half day Murano glass workshop in Llantrisant at the beginning of the year, and had a couple of beads going begging – the red one handily had a hole that didn’t go all the way through, and I’d been a bit stumped as to what to do with it! The purple bead had a full complement of holes, so a white CZ sits sparkling at the end of that one.  I just hope she likes them as much as I do!

All Fingers & Thumbs…

A unique reminder of your little one, loved one or anyone who’ll let you, really.

A solid silver charm with a finger, toe or thumbprint that can be used as a pendant or bracelet charm. With a heavy silver jumpring, a piece of your personal history immortalised for just £35.

Unlike the much more expensive fingerprint charms that are so common these days, this is a life sized print, a real imprint made by your skin, not a photoplate reproduction.  The grooves your print makes in the silver are the grooves you get on your charm!

One for folk local to one of us as we need the appendage in question, so South Wales, the Wirral or possibly anywhere in between! Having said that, we do travel about a bit, so could make a detour.

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Please email if you’re interested in one.

Leather Hearts & Flowers

When I’m not bashing metal in the Shedifice, I quite like knitting, cross stitch, papercrafting and generally making things, often with a vintage, goth or steampunk feel. Leather flowers are my latest thing, either as hair clips or brooches.  I’m playing with some really small roses just now, which may find their way onto dolly pins and rings…  There’s also some very pretty winged heart ones, red at the moment, but I’m going to be making purple ones too 🙂

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Fantastically, eBay is not playing the game, and I can’t list anything at the moment on there, but there’s lots in my Etsy shop!

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Squaring the Virtual Circle

I’ve almost finished linking my online empire together, but I suspect it may disintegrate any time soon.  Spiny Sharkly Things has a Facebook page too, so do hit the “Like” button and make us feel loved!  Click the logo below to pay us a visit.

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