Wrangling eBay

Yet another day of laptop bashing, I am very tempted to put the damn thing on the anvil and hit it hard with a hammer now.  eBay is still being annoying, making you sign in again at every move – and if you have a super-secure and complicated password like I do, this is proving to be a monumental pain in the arse.  I’ve finally come up with a design for our eBay shop banner that both Beardy and I can agree on, the main bone of contention seemed to be his opinion that there is such a thing as too much purple.  Humph.

Click here to visit my eBay shop! Although there's more on Etsy, cos it's behaving itself :-)

Progress is slow… but progressing! With any luck, webgods permitting, I might actually be able to get on with some real life creativity that produces actual THINGS.  Watch this space…


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