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Beloved’s Birthday

School holidays have taken their toll on not just time to be creative, but time to blog about it as well.  It was Beardy’s birthday last week, and as well as a solid silver guitar pick, I also made him a pendant using a leaf from his favourite tree, a small oak in our garden which we have had from an acorn.


When I first started working with precious metal clay and did it all by the book, there was a project that involved painting a lots of slip onto the back of a leaf, and firing with the leaf in situ.  But at that stage, I didn’t have enough scrap clay to make slip with, so never tried. Until this month…


I chose a few likely candidates to try apart from the oak leaf, namely a couple of maple leaves, ivy leaves and a beech leaf.  Many layers of slip painted on and dried on a mug warmer later, it was time to clean all the clay from the front of the leaves and do a little light filing around the edges, but not too much, because it was so delicate at this stage.  A very smoky five minutes under the blowtorch, and some more filing and tidying, and the finished article emerged.  Beardy was very pleased with it, but still preferred his Ford Mustang seatbelt belt…. Hey ho.



Totally Off Topic but Very, Very Good.

Alt-classical prog-punk act Birdeatsbaby are an unusual four-piece that hail from Brighton, UK. Not really fitting into any current musical trends, the band steer towards a ‘dark cabaret’ rock sound, with fast-paced and complex drums, piano, bass and violin all tied up with huge and catchy choruses. Like a more hyper-active Nick Cave meets a slightly depressed Freddie Mercury, Birdeatsbaby have been described as many things, including ‘a distinctly unhinged brand of burlesque freak-pop’, and ‘Twin Peaks on snuff.’

The band first made their mark on the music scene with their infamous ‘The Trouble’ music video which has since received over 90,000 YouTube views since it was aired. Since then they have released their critically acclaimed debut album Here She Comes-a-Tumblin’ in 2009 and the cathartic follow up, Bigger Teeth EP (produced by Marc R Norris of 80s Matchbox B-line Disaster) in 2010.

The band have toured extensively in the UK, Europe and America, playing with other such musical oddities as The World Inferno Friendship Society, Thomas Truax and most recently worked with prestigious producer, Jason Rubal on their latest album Feast of Hammers which is due for release soon.

If you’re looking for something dark, nasty and completely original, Birdeatsbaby have the potential to be one of those cult bands that only appear once in a lifetime. Let the music speak for itself.

I have a slightly vested interest here, as it’s my cousin’s band, and I think they are FABULOUS.  Their new video, “Through Ten Walls” is out today, the first single off the upcoming album Feast of Hammers.  Take a look, and share it with your friends!​=JAaRVysA6TI

One Quite Big Step…

It was my birthday yesterday, and I was lucky enough to share it with some of my very favourite people – some in person and some via Facebook and Skype – including my mum’s parrot, Cyril 🙂  It made me think, I see a lot of people whinging online that nobody sends birthday cards anymore, they just text or post a message on your Facebook wall.  I had a few very nice cards from close family, but loads of messages from all over the world, from Canada to Australia via Europe and India.  It felt great that I was in so many people’s thoughts on my birthday, even if just for the minute or so it took to send a message.  And what a great way to save paper!

Actually, that wasn’t the point of my post today, but I thought I’d say it anyway.  The big news is that thanks to gifts of universal spending tokens from lots of lovely people in my life, I was able to register with the London Assay Office for my maker’s mark.  A really significant step for any precious metal basher, and I’m so chuffed.  Watch this space to see what it looks like…

Leaf Me Alone…

I just love the textures you can find in nature, and combining them with shiny silver really floats my boat.  This elegant 18mm domed disc pendant on an 18″ sterling silver belcher chain features the impression of a skeleton leaf, the texture of the veins are defined by an oxidised finish.

You can buy it here!

Fine Silver Leaf Skeleton Pendant, £25

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