One Quite Big Step…

It was my birthday yesterday, and I was lucky enough to share it with some of my very favourite people – some in person and some via Facebook and Skype – including my mum’s parrot, Cyril 🙂  It made me think, I see a lot of people whinging online that nobody sends birthday cards anymore, they just text or post a message on your Facebook wall.  I had a few very nice cards from close family, but loads of messages from all over the world, from Canada to Australia via Europe and India.  It felt great that I was in so many people’s thoughts on my birthday, even if just for the minute or so it took to send a message.  And what a great way to save paper!

Actually, that wasn’t the point of my post today, but I thought I’d say it anyway.  The big news is that thanks to gifts of universal spending tokens from lots of lovely people in my life, I was able to register with the London Assay Office for my maker’s mark.  A really significant step for any precious metal basher, and I’m so chuffed.  Watch this space to see what it looks like…


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