Making my Mark

This weekend I arranged for manchild to go to his dad’s and for Beardy to be busy mending his mate’s bike so that I could have some quality shed time. I had applied for my maker’s mark with the London assay office last month and ordered a few chunks of silver from Cookson’s soon after, but due to the running aboutiness of the school holidays, didn’t get chance to make anything. Until today!

Just to test the punch, I tried it on a bit of scrap copper, and that looked good, so I did another on a little lump of 2mm sterling.  With a bit of texture and some fancy bezel as detailing, it makes the perfect focal point for a very personal piece of jewellery.

The lumps of silver I have had taunting me for the last three weeks finally became pendants.  A lot of hammering, annealing and filing turned two quite rough cut pieces of metal into lovely smooth shapes.  The only decoration on these will be a hallmark – vanity pieces really, but why not?  The long one is for me and the other for my mum, but I’m planning on making some earrings to match mine next.

So now I’m busy temporarily reclaiming the silver goodies I have made for friends and loved ones, so I can send them off to get assayed and hallmarked.  I really want to do it asap as the date letter for this year is an “m”!


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