I really love bugs, except for real ones… I like cute, shiny bugs that don’t scuttle, bite, sting or generally move.  Nature hasn’t supplied my world with any of those particular ones, so I have to make my own.  I made my first one back in February as a way to use up some PMC3 I had left at the end of a class, and he came out really well.  Bob (sorry) sits on my workbench and keeps me company in my shed.  I tried making him some friends a couple of months ago, but they all came out a bit deformed and currently reside in a comfortable old tobacco tin for special needs bugs who find it difficult to find gainful employment.


So bugs went on the back burner a bit, until today.  I dug out my box of dichroic glass cabochons that I had selected as good bug bodies and cracked on.  I use ArtClay silver 650 slow dry clay with glass that has an expansion coefficient of 90 (COE90) and as the clay shrinks, the glass expands and they fuse together.  That’s done with the science bit!

A little spell in my new tumbly machine to harden and burnish the silver, and we have two lovely, shiny bugs – one beetle and a dragonfly.



Dead Dragonfly!


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