Today’s Beardy update!

Beardy is still in the MCDU unit at A&E, awaiting a bed on the ward. The hospital is at full capacity at the moment, and they also have had a ward closure. They are doing the very best they can under difficult circumstances.

Anyway, he is a lot more himself today, although the holes in his memory persist. He feels as though his head is full of bright images and videos, but that he has lost his indexing system – he has no way of putting people in context. So he KNOWS he knows you, but he can’t necessarily connect faces to names, or names and faces to events – or when or where they happened. He has been assured that his mind will right itself in time, but understandably he is very worried and frightened that it won’t.

So. Could those of our friends that know Jay personally message him on Facebook? Tell him who you are, how you met, and maybe things you’ve done together. When was the last time you saw him? Details like this may help him retrace new paths in his memory or jog old ones. He has his iPhone (our hospital is very civilised about such things) and has been spending a lot of today wombling through all his photos, friends’ profiles and conversations on Facebook – and it’s been invaluable in helping him start to patch his life story together.


Thank you all so much for your messages and support, Beardy specifically asked me to thank you, even though he currently has little idea of who you are 😉 But thanks from me too xxx


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