You learn fast, young Paduan!

Had a lovely day with Sally today. She turned up with a trolley full of her new toys and a box of cake. Game on.

We’d done some metal bashing in the kitchen before the shed landed, but that’s nearly a year ago now. I’ve been doing it pretty much on a daily basis, but Sal has been concentrating on her beadwork since then. So we went back to square one and decided to make copper rings. Stones chosen, it was time to cut a bezel strip and solder it. It took her a few goes to get a good soldered join, got there in the end though!


Amnoyingly she didn’t break a single saw blade. Grrrr. I broke at least three today! Cutting and soldering her ring shank was a very smooth operation, just going to show that I am a fantastic teacher 😉 With a talented apprentice, obviously.

The clock was against us as usual, so Sal had to load up her stuff and head off in time for the school run. She’s planning to finish her ring tonight, can’t wait to see it!

This is my finished ring, the ammonite I mentioned in a previous post. Rather pleased with it, I have to say!



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