Getting Knotted…. er, Knitted

I crawled out of the arms of the duvet monster obscenely early for a Saturday without a child in residence and blearily made my way to the lovely Melissa Warren’s machine knitting workshop. Armed with an egg sandwich, a small bar of chocolate, eight cans of Pepsi Max and four cans of Red Bull, I was all set.

We had an introduction to knitting with a machine, hideously complicated to begin with, but after a cup of coffee and a couple of cans of caffeine it began to make sense.


I made a pair of wristwarmers to start with, and will photograph them once I’ve stitched them together! Then I started on this wrap. I wanted to make something to go with a jacket I had bought in a charity shop on the Wirral, so went with purple, grey and black yarns combined together. There is a striped “design feature” caused by the grey yarn breaking and me not noticing it, so I just matched it on the other side and called it “rustic”! The day went all too fast, so I’m sat on my sofa, quaffing a bottle of Spitfire and doing the final touches with a bit of lace. I shall aim to finish it tonight with the big reveal tomorrow!



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