Polished Off

Well, we all got up not terribly bright, but definitely early this morning all set to get Scroticule to school for his first day back after half term. Sprog dispatched, I started to gather some bits together and hit the shed. Ten minutes later, he’s back home because it’s a teacher training day. Whoops. #badmummy #epicfail

So, just to make my mummy karma worse, I plugged him into his iPod and hit the shed anyway! I needed to unpack the portable workshop I had taken up to Mum’s and especially her tumbling machine 🙂 Mine had worn out, you see. Well, that one was hers too….

Remember those copper chains I made last week? My very first attempt at chain making, so thought I’d practice on copper before hitting the silver. Unfortunately silver solder shows up badly on copper, so I boiled the chains in some blued pickle with a length of iron wire: this copper plates the silver, covering the solder. I tumbled them in steel shot and burnishing soap for a few hours, and got some very, very spiny sharkly things as a result! I’m delighted with them, hope you like them too.




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