Steampunk Butterfly Part One

Sal and I had a good day in the shed and she started talking about making butterflies after she’d finished the pendant she’s working on. This gave me the idea to stick some wings on the riveted pendant I made last week. I cut the lacy part of the wings from thin on a die cutting machine borrowed from a friend, riveted them to 1mm brass and cut the assembly out with the piercing saw. I also cut a cog to become the head with an old clock handle cut in half for antennae.



I plan to make more cogs and use these to attach the wings to the body for a real steampunk feel. I suspect that a few watch parts may find their way into this creation, it seems to be developing a life of it’s own…


I’m not entirely sure how this could be worn, though. Perhaps an oversized pendant, or attached to an ornate arm cuff. Maybe a brooch or hat ornament? Or possibly just an object to be admired. Any ideas? I’m very excited to see how part two evolves…

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