I always feel a little sad that children’s jewellery is generally cheap shitty crap made from metallic paint and plastic. Why not give them something to treasure that has a bit of intrinsic value? I’m not talking hundreds or thousands of pounds here, but when a pair of kids’ trainers can easily cost sixty quid, why not spend twenty on a nice silver ring? I made this for my lad today, as he really liked the grown up one that I wear. He asked me to engrave his full name on it too, and I just about managed to squeeze it in 🙂 Of course he’ll grow out of it, but I made it for his middle finger, so there’s a couple of smaller fingers to stretch things out a little longer…. Maybe he’ll lose it, maybe he’ll wear it until it’s too small to go on his hand and it might end up on a chain and be given to his own child one day. It’ll be interesting to see where it ends up 🙂



Anyhow, do get in touch if you’d like me to make one for your nipper. I can do Celtic ones like this, plain ones, ones with silver balls on, solitaires in a whole array of colours and settings and engrave the inside to boot.


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