Proper ill

Greetings from the high dependency unit at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital!

So why am I here? Spent all day yesterday puking and really shaky, thought it was either my migraine getting worse, or due to eating an out of date yogurt. It got so much worse as the day went on, eventually I took to puking in a bucket cos I couldn’t make it to the bathroom. I started hyperventilating, and my heart was really racing so Beardy insisted on calling an ambulance. I was (and still am) tachycardic, and all my blood chemistry is still well off. Their biggest worry is a very low potassium level, which is what is keeing my heartrate so high.

What a great start to being self employed! One complete working day and here I am in hospital!


2 responses to “Proper ill

  • Esther Nagle

    not sure if ‘like’ is really appropriate, but you know what i mean. Sounds like you’ve had a really hellish time, glad you’re on the mend

    Hopefully see you tomorrow, let me know if you aren’t up for visitors tomorrow afternoon xxx

  • Nats

    Oh Mel. Fingers crossed all is OK. Thinking of you. xxx

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