Well, it’s Friday and I’m indulging in a couple of G&Ts to celebrate completing my first whole week at the helm of Spiny Sharkly Things 🙂 I had managed just one day after registering my company before being rushed to hospital in a pretty precarious state… So this is a little milestone!

So this week I have made seventeen slate pendants, set them with gemstones and made solid silver fixtures and fittings for them and strung them on satin cord. I have made a personalised Lego pendant in bronze, slate and silver bracelets set with opals, delivered three commissions and got my accounts up to date. Oh, and removed lots of horrible orange varnish from a charity shop pine mirror, ready for lime waxing. With a couple of hospital appointments to throw into the mix, it’s been rather a busy week! And I feel GREAT. Knackered, but great.

We’re getting stuff ready for the bike rally we have a stall at next weekend. Not just making things to sell, but shop fittings too. I have four pine shelves (rescued from a skip) to sand, paint and attach hooks to, tables to acquire, and some signage to make. I have been advised by fellow designer maker jewellers that earrings sell best, so I’ll be making a fair few of those over the holiday weekend. Miniature slate and silver dominoes, Victorian style drop earrings in silver and bronze, set with labradorite, amber, opal, spinel and garnets, and some art nouveau ones set with white CZs and garnets. And if I get chance, some striking silver rings boldly set with marquise CZs for extra sparkle. Jay is also bring his designer and vintage clothes shop, Pirate Genes, so it’ll be a lovely family weekend away.

We’re donating a raffle prize too, a matched pair of solid silver Celtic rings. They’re currently in London being hallmarked by the Assay Office at Goldsmiths’ Hall, but I’ll post a photo when they come back, hopefully tomorrow.



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