I’ve had a major prune of my friends and acquaintances recently. It’s been rather cathartic, a couple of relationships had become utterly toxic. It could be me, it could be them, either way it’s no good for either party. I now find myself with a lot more time on my hands, which since my recent brush with death, I’m determined to appreciate every last minute. I’d often joked that I had no time to work, as I had so many commitments elsewhere. Well, now I have.

I appreciate that this doesn’t exactly reach millions of readers, let’s face it, the numbers are more in the tens than hundreds even. But if you take one thing away from my blog, let it be this. Life is too short to waste on people who are just using you for what you can do for them. Be it for your car, your time, or just a listening ear. Compassion is a valuable commodity and must flow in both directions to avoid a build-up of resentment. You can only give so much before you are utterly drained.

It is quite amusing, however, to see that you are being ever-so-slightly stalked online. From people trying oh-so-hard to see what I’ve been posting on Facebook, to Googling my name to see what I have been saying elsewhere and even tracking my movements in the real world. People really should use their time far more productively. The great joy of being moderately tech savvy is that I can easily identify from where and whom enquiries originate. It seems that in certain quarters I’m rather interesting. Who knew?

One response to “Detox

  • JOanne

    Good for you Mel. Sometime we put everyone and everything else first, how nice for you to have some time to spend doing what you like for a change.

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