Getting myself out there

One of the annoying (or is it brilliant?) things about being bipolar is that you feel invincible one day and totally overwhelmed by everything the next. When I’m invincible, I’ll walk into random (but appropriate) shops, galleries, hotels etc and try to sell my jewellery, services or whatever. I can deal with any question about what I do and come across as really confident and go-getting. As anyone who has worked in sales will tell you, the deal rarely gets signed in first meetings, and you need to be diligent in following up promising visits with phone calls and further face to face conversation. Unfortunately I’m a bit rubbish at this when I’m in a low part of my cycle and put it off until I’m feeling invincible again, by which time that red hot lead is stone cold. So today I have given myself a veritable kick up the arse, made some phone calls and now I have got a Spiny Sharkly Things stall at a school fete in ten days time (and at their Christmas bash), a good spot at the Roath Craft Market next month and a foot in the door at a nearby hotel where they showcase and sell work by local designer-makers such as myself. All I need to do now is follow up a visit I made to a shop in Treorchy and I’ll have tied up my current loose ends. I should have called in when I did my banking yesterday, but I chickened out 😦 Again. Still three out of four isn’t bad!


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