Nasty, sticky mess

I won some red, white and blue Fimo this week in one of Cookson Gold’s Jubilee competitions 🙂 They wanted suggestions for a new National Anthem, and I cheekily suggested the theme to BBC Radio 4’s The Archers. It was tempting to suggest Beardy’s own composition, nattily entitled “F**k the Jubilee”, but I demurred.

So what to do
With red, white and blue?

Simple. Get some green and make Welsh things instead 😉 I used my sparkly red to make some little Welsh dragons, they will become earrings and pendants with a green and white background. The blue makes a very nice background to my skeleton cameo, so I shall be making some more of those too. These will all become affordable, school fete priced trinkets for next weekend’s summer fete at one of the local infants’ schools.

If you plan on using Fimo with two-part silicon moulds, use talc or baby powder as a release agent. I tried Badger Balm initially and got a nasty, sticky mess…



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