Oh so quiet…

I’ve not really had chance to blog for a little while, it’s been rather busy! Most of my time the week before last was getting my cabinet at the Heritage Park Hotel just right, by adding some mirrors to the dark wood shelves I managed to bounce some more light into it, which really makes things sparkle!

Then, of course, I needed to get ready for Bloomin’ Women! I had a really successful weekend at the show, met lots of interesting people and bought myself a purple rose bush. It’s called Rhapsody in Blue which is one of my very favourite pieces of music. The fragrance is so heady, I shall plant it right by the shed door, I think.


I was really pleased with the stall layout, with practice it’s getting quicker to set up and take down.

I ended up in hospital again, not quite as bad as May’s episode, luckily. Now that I knew what symptoms to look for, I managed to get to hospital before the pH levels in my blood started dropping too far. So I have a fresh set of IV marks, just as the others had begun to fade 😦 Still, all is well now, but I’m pretty wiped out.

We were doing the Treorchy Festival last Saturday, but Beardy confined me to the sofa and took a selection of my stuff to sell alongside his. He set up my table pretty well, I reckon! And even sold some stuff, so it was an easy day’s money for me 🙂


I’m working on a few interesting projects this week, all a bit top secret I’m afraid. But if they come to fruition, I’ll be plastering it all OVER the interweb 😀


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