We’re up in North Wales at the moment, enjoying a few grown-up days away while Scroticule is in Tenerife with his dad. We’re staying in a lovely B&B called Felindre Farm at the southern tip of Bala Lake, a really charming place with stunning views and even better hospitality. At the landlady’s suggestion we took one of the mountain roads, which had the most spectacular views. I’ll post the photos when I can find a bit of wifi!

We went to the Centre for Alternative Technology today, built in an old slate quarry in 1974, and has been developing ever since. A really tranquil and inspiring place to wander around, not to mention an epic bookshop! Beardy went back in the early eighties, when it was in it’s infancy. We try to live a fairly low-impact life, so it’s heartening to see that they at CAT and we at home seem to share similar ways at looking at things. I shall start knitting my own yoghurt out of beards next.

We ended up in Barmouth after, so I’ve been collecting pebbles for a new collection which will be part of my Made in Wales: Made FROM Wales range. But more on that another day. Just need to get the sand out of my handbag now!

We’re in our way back to the farm now, while digesting a very nice Indian meal. One thing puzzles me, a couple came into the curry house while we were there and both ordered… Scampi and chips. Now, there are a lot of places in Barmouth where you can get all sorts of deep fried fishy delights – so why go to an Indian restaurant? Bizarre.


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