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Carbon Fibre Loveliness

I wasn’t feeling spectacularly inspired today, and not terribly well either, truth be told.  Still, I had a bee in my bonnet to make this ring, and I have to say it came out as good as I’d hoped although it’s practically impossible to photograph well.  The silver ring has a satin hammered finish to subtly frame the carbon and glass cabochon – I wanted a more industrial look to the ring to suit the material.  Of course I may well decide to polish to a high shine later!


Very Fast Shinies…

One of my lovely brothers makes carbon fibre bodywork for a top F1 team, and last time I went to his factory I scrounged some scraps to have a play with.   As well as making some guitar picks which are being tested by friends before I launch them for sale, I’ve finally got all the bits together to start making shinies.  I’m planning rings and all sorts, but here’s today’s effort, a simple silver coloured pendant.


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