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Beardy is Back in the House

Just to keep you up to date, Beardy was sprung from the hospital on Thursday evening, and is now comfortably back in residence on the sofa.  His arms are quite sore from all the failed IV lines, looking a bit like I’ve been using him for archery target practice!  Hopefully having him back home will trigger more memories as he is in familiar surroundings.  I have used this as an excuse not to tidy up too much in case he didn’t recognise the house 😉

Obviously, not much jewellery has been made recently.  The craft market last weekend was very quiet, but we made a couple of sales and had lots of compliments on our stuff – hopefully things will pick up as our faces become more familiar!


Squaring the Virtual Circle

I’ve almost finished linking my online empire together, but I suspect it may disintegrate any time soon.  Spiny Sharkly Things has a Facebook page too, so do hit the “Like” button and make us feel loved!  Click the logo below to pay us a visit.

Click here to visit our Facebook page!

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