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Beardy is Back in the House

Just to keep you up to date, Beardy was sprung from the hospital on Thursday evening, and is now comfortably back in residence on the sofa.  His arms are quite sore from all the failed IV lines, looking a bit like I’ve been using him for archery target practice!  Hopefully having him back home will trigger more memories as he is in familiar surroundings.  I have used this as an excuse not to tidy up too much in case he didn’t recognise the house 😉

Obviously, not much jewellery has been made recently.  The craft market last weekend was very quiet, but we made a couple of sales and had lots of compliments on our stuff – hopefully things will pick up as our faces become more familiar!

Today’s Beardy update!

Beardy is still in the MCDU unit at A&E, awaiting a bed on the ward. The hospital is at full capacity at the moment, and they also have had a ward closure. They are doing the very best they can under difficult circumstances.

Anyway, he is a lot more himself today, although the holes in his memory persist. He feels as though his head is full of bright images and videos, but that he has lost his indexing system – he has no way of putting people in context. So he KNOWS he knows you, but he can’t necessarily connect faces to names, or names and faces to events – or when or where they happened. He has been assured that his mind will right itself in time, but understandably he is very worried and frightened that it won’t.

So. Could those of our friends that know Jay personally message him on Facebook? Tell him who you are, how you met, and maybe things you’ve done together. When was the last time you saw him? Details like this may help him retrace new paths in his memory or jog old ones. He has his iPhone (our hospital is very civilised about such things) and has been spending a lot of today wombling through all his photos, friends’ profiles and conversations on Facebook – and it’s been invaluable in helping him start to patch his life story together.


Thank you all so much for your messages and support, Beardy specifically asked me to thank you, even though he currently has little idea of who you are 😉 But thanks from me too xxx

Scary Stuff

Totally off topic, but we had a really harrowing day yesterday.  Beardy had what we think was a febrile seizure in the morning, and when he came round we realised that he’d lost great chunks of his memory.  Rushed him to A&E at the very fabulous Royal Glamorgan Hospital in Llantrisant, where they think he has viral meningitis.  They are giving him IV antivirals and antibiotics.  Please keep him in your thoughts, and I’ll update as soon as I have more news.

Not a Cannabis Leaf

When I had my son eight years ago, we bought a maple tree to celebrate his safe arrival and I’m proud to say that they both seem to be surviving my tender ministrations so far!  It has some very frilly leaves which I wanted to transfer to silver, and clay was the obvious choice (until I get a rolling mill, mwahaha!).  A simple disc which I domed and set in a circle displays the texture beautifully.  A little natural oxidation as it is worn means this pretty, natural piece will only mature and improve with a little age…  It moves freely on the bail, just like leaves in the wind.

Think I’ll make some more before autumn!

This one is being donated as a raffle prize for a Welsh Blogger’s event being held in Cardiff next month. Really looking forward to that, watch this space for my report on it.

Cabin Fever (or lack of…)

It’s the last day of the school holidays, and I’m bursting with ideas and frustration!  I really need to get back into making things for the sake of my sanity (or whatever passes for it these days).  My hallmark registration has gone through, and I’m the proud owner of a hefty punch with my maker’s mark.  I’ve got some sizeable chunks of sterling to make into pendants where the decoration will be just the texture of the metal and hallmark – vanity pieces really, but why not?  They will make really personal gifts for the special people in my life who have helped me get this far.

I found some beautiful lace when I was up at Mum’s in the summer, and have been experimenting with making Steampunk chokers with lovely Swarovski crystal beads, silver chains and the occasional skull.  I’ll be listing these for sale over the next few days, now that the final elements to finish them are on their way (Royal Mail permitting).

I have also been playing with wire wrapping and when I have had a chance, some leaf textures.  This lovely labradorite is going to become the focal point of a lariat with silver and moonstone elements, and maybe some leaves…

Totally Off Topic but Very, Very Good.

Alt-classical prog-punk act Birdeatsbaby are an unusual four-piece that hail from Brighton, UK. Not really fitting into any current musical trends, the band steer towards a ‘dark cabaret’ rock sound, with fast-paced and complex drums, piano, bass and violin all tied up with huge and catchy choruses. Like a more hyper-active Nick Cave meets a slightly depressed Freddie Mercury, Birdeatsbaby have been described as many things, including ‘a distinctly unhinged brand of burlesque freak-pop’, and ‘Twin Peaks on snuff.’

The band first made their mark on the music scene with their infamous ‘The Trouble’ music video which has since received over 90,000 YouTube views since it was aired. Since then they have released their critically acclaimed debut album Here She Comes-a-Tumblin’ in 2009 and the cathartic follow up, Bigger Teeth EP (produced by Marc R Norris of 80s Matchbox B-line Disaster) in 2010.

The band have toured extensively in the UK, Europe and America, playing with other such musical oddities as The World Inferno Friendship Society, Thomas Truax and most recently worked with prestigious producer, Jason Rubal on their latest album Feast of Hammers which is due for release soon.

If you’re looking for something dark, nasty and completely original, Birdeatsbaby have the potential to be one of those cult bands that only appear once in a lifetime. Let the music speak for itself.

I have a slightly vested interest here, as it’s my cousin’s band, and I think they are FABULOUS.  Their new video, “Through Ten Walls” is out today, the first single off the upcoming album Feast of Hammers.  Take a look, and share it with your friends!


Horticultural Inspiration

Still oop north, had a lovely wander around Ness Gardens with my Auntie Suzanne and had a wonderful cream tea – the ginger scone with rhubarb and ginger jam was epic! Highly recommended 🙂

They had a fabulous array of plant life, I feel quite inspired by the shapes and textures…

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