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Taking it easy

Well, I’m out of hospital now and settling down for my second night at home. I’m quite disappointed by how weak I still feel, even something as low impact as a coffee up at Lemon Blues and a little rummage in a charity shop has left me feeling utterly wiped out. I found a nice hand embroidered tablecloth for 50p though 🙂 And some purple buttons. Still, my blood sugars have been quite good today, so I think things are getting slowly back to normal.

I. Just. Feel. So. Tired.


Thanks, medics!

I’m still in the HDU at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, out of the woods now thankfully; so just wanted to thank the fabulous doctors and nurses for quite literally saving my life. I only found out today just how close to death I really was and it’s a very sobering thought.

Thanks doesn’t quite cover it, really, does it?

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