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Pulling my chain…

I went to one of my favourite Cardiff haunts the other week, the Pump House, purveyors of antiques and general emporium of miscellany. I was actually looking for a brass escutcheon for a Victorian writing slope that I’m restoring, and struck lucky at the first stand, which seems to specialise in knobs and knockers 😉 The lovely lady had a fabulous range of brass ware, and I bought a Victorian plug chain too.20120202-220655.jpg

I boiled it in acid, I blasted it in the ulrasonic cleaner and I attacked it with a spiky brass brush. Still the antique soap refused to budge! So today I took it apart and scraped all the gunge off with a blade… I think it’s come up quite nicely, don’t you? Goes perfectly with the brass peacock feather thing I made the other day. I suspect this bracelet will evolve into a steampunk charm bracelet before too long!





Back to Beading

For those who don’t know (I moan about it often enough!), I am a slave to back pain, and have been for the last twenty years. It’s been especially bad the last few weeks, so I haven’t been able to get much done in the shed 😦 So without access to hammers and blowtorches, I’ve been playing with beads and made these bracelets. Something I can do on a tray on my lapped while propped up by lots of cushions!

These ended up being a bit weather related – I’m lucky to have a big picture window which gives me a wonderful view up the Rhondda Valley, and we often just sit and watch the weather roll in.  By weather, I usually mean rain, this is Wales after all!  I had recently acquired some lovely hand made glass beads, so decided to make these pretty bracelets…

Grungy Monochrome Black White Grey & Silver Beaded Bracelet

Droplets of glass hang from this pretty silver plated chain which measures 18cm (7") plus an extender chain. The beads have a grungy monochrome colour scheme, off-whites and cloudy greys contrast with distressed blacks and metallics highlighted by bright flashes of shiny silver. Thunder and lightening for your wrist, perhaps?

Just £12 with free postage, you can buy it here:  Grungy Monochrome Beaded Bracelet

Pretty Hippie Boho Rainbow Festival Beaded Glass & Silver Bracelet

Sunshine on a rainy day gives you a rainbow 🙂 Just in case the weather doesn't oblige, why not wear your own personal flash of brilliant colour? Lovingly handcrafted in a purple shed in the heart of the Rhondda Valley, each individual glass bead hangs from a high-quality silver plated chain which measures 7 1/2" (19cm) plus an extender chain.

Just £12 with free postage, you can buy it here: Rainbow Beaded Glass & Silver Bracelet

I was lucky enough to find some very pretty lace when I was out and about with Liz in the week, so I thought I’d share that with you too!  Some will be incorporated into a couple of Steampunk projects we have on the go, so do come back and see just what we do with it!

Quite an impressive array of vintage lace!

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